2018 World Cup Favorites

In this article, we present you our Russia 2018 World Cup favorites list. This review is a personal opinion of the authors. Note that it was written before the World Cup 2018 tool place.

The World Cup – Our 2018 World Cup Favorites & The Host

In this section, we’ll take a closer look at World Cup odds & the teams that we consider 2018 World cup favourites. We’ll also take a look at some of the stars who will be playing in the remaining qualifiers and likely in the knockout stages.

Remember, there are many betting opportunities in the World Cup that don’t revolve around simply predicting winners and losers. You can bet on goals scored, results at halftime, yellow and red cards issued and even propositions within live play such as ‘Who will score next?’, ‘Final Score’ and a number of other outcomes.




Starting with the host nation, who automatically qualify for the group stages of the finals, Russia is always a contender on the field. While they have never won a World Cup, they can hold their own with even the biggest and best teams in the world and can pull off surprise victories. The World Cup odds aren’t in their favour, though.

At the front, number 9 Aleksandr Kokorin is always a danger and when up against teams with any weakness in their defence poses a serious threat. In these instances, a great betting tip would be to bet on Kokorin scoring at any time during gameplay. At the tender age of 25, he still has a fairly long career ahead of him, and will be looking to make his mark in front of the home crowd.

Russia can be weak at the back and have conceded 16 goals in their last 10 games. It makes for a decent bet that they’ll concede against any team with a capable striker who play football which puts constant pressure on the defence.

Russia doesn’t stand much of a chance of actually winning the World Cup with current odds of 33/1, but if history is anything to go by the host team can pull off unexpected upsets as the adrenaline of playing in front of their own fans increases their odds. If you fancy a long shot punt this may be one worth considering.



Anyone who knows anything about international football knows that Brazil is always a force to be reckoned with and never one to be underestimated. They hold the most World Cup titles of any national team and produce some of the best footballers on the planet. They’re currently tied second in the bookies’ odds to win, at 9/1.

Having played only 5 international fixtures since September 2015, Brazil has won 3 and racked up 13 goals, including a 7-1 slaughter of Haiti in the Copa America. In their last international match, they did suffer a surprise loss to Peru, proving they aren’t unassailable.


Striker Neymar da Silva Santos Jr., known simply as Neymar, is a clear and present danger against any side, and currently ranks 5th in the highest scorers of all time for the Brazilian national team. He’s touted to surpass Pele before it’s all said and done, so a bet on him scoring in any match is a good one.

A bet on Brazil to either win the entire tournament or to win any match is a great one to make. Betting that Brazil will score in any given match, and even betting they will score more than 1 goal, are both probably going to turn out to be money well spent. It could also pay to bet on who will score – in which case the safe money is on Neymar. Brazil is certainly one of our 2018 World Cup favourites and not for this competition only.



Multiple World Cups later, Argentina are keen to bring back their glory days and take the World Cup back to South America. They’re currently tied 2nd with Brazil to win, at 9/1 odds.

Argentina has been on blinding form recently, cruising their way through the Copa America to the finals where they narrowly lost a penalty shootout to Chile. Despite losing, Argentina showed they are the team to worry about with winning 4-0 against the USA, 3-0 against Bolivia, 4-1 against Venezuela and 5-0 against Panama. That’s a lot of goals for a single tournament and a clear message to the world: Argentina are ready to dominate.

Having come so close last time, Lionel Messi and the Argentine squad will be aiming to set things straight. It’s Messi the opposing side should watch out for, with 55 goals under his belt in the international arena he’s highly likely to rack up at least a few more before the World Cup 2018 is said and done.

Argentina to win my be the best single bet you could make. All the ingredients are there and with the passion to take what they came within touching distance of last time, a recent show of dominance and the best striker in the world, Argentina is where the smart money is this World Cup.

Other great betting options are a Messi goal in any match and Argentina to score more than 1 against anyone. Another interesting bet is Argentina to concede zero goals at 90 minutes, and if recent form is anything to go by this has a good chance of putting cash in your pocket.

Always check World Cup odds to make sure the risk is worth the reward on any given bet.



Previous champions Spain are also one to watch. While not the favourites, this time, around, they’re still a top contender in the eyes of the bookies at 10/1 for the win.

Spain has several impressive wins under their belt this year so far. Beating Belgium 2-0, Turkey 3-0, the Czech Republic 1-0, and South Korea 6-1, Spain has shown that when everything comes together it does so in impressive fashion.

A couple of losses have shown that Spain isn’t on perfect form, however. Italy dispensed with them and cruised to a 2-0 victory in June at the Euros, Croatia pulled off an upset and sent Spain home with a 2-1 loss, and Georgia showed that Spain can lose even to lower ranked teams on a bad day

This weak performance in the Euros has shown that Spain may not be the best they’ve ever been.
Still, with 10/1 World Cup odds it may be worth a punt. With Morata and Nolito at the front, they have the capacity to pounce on the smallest weakness in any team’s defence. This isn’t quite a long shot bet but isn’t a favourite bet either. That’s exactly the kind of bet you should be looking for – one with a decent probability of happening and nice odds. £100 correctly placed on Spain could equal a very nice holiday in the sun!



Winners of the World Cup several times before, watching Italy play is always an exciting and nerve-wracking event.

Italy plays passionate, flamboyant football full of character, skill and when openings show themselves – relentless aggression. This is precisely what makes them so dangerous and what means they can win any match on any day.

With some of the most memorable World Cup moments in their archives (who could forget Roberto Baggio hitting the crossbar in an epic penalty shootout in 1994?), Italy will be looking to take the cup back again this time around.

But do they realistically stand a chance? Bookmakers have them at 14/1 currently, meaning they are 6th place in the list of favourites.

It has to be said that over the past year Italy has played inconsistently. With 11 international matches so far in 2016, Italy has won 6 of them, drawn 1 and lost 4. they key to interpreting this is knowing who the matches were against. In the instances Italy lost, they did so to top contenders like Germany (4-1) and France (31), although they did take Germany all the way to penalties during the Euros and lost in the shootout.

What this indicates is that the current Italian squad struggles against the best of the best. While things could change between now and 2018 it is worth acknowledging that Italy is unlikely to win the World Cup as a whole as things stand today.

Long shot punters may want to capitalize on the 14/1 odds and sheer belief that Italy can pull it off. A smarter and better bet would be that Italy makes it into at least the quarterfinals, or that striker Graziano Pelle puts at least 1 goal away in any given game.



2018 World Cup Favorites

England fans are among the most passionate on the planet, and if they don’t win in Russia, they will at the very least be heard, seen and their presence will be felt!

The odds of England winning currently stand at 20/1 and it must be admitted that for all the talent the squad possesses, England falter far too often on the international stage.

It would be a mistake, however, to discount them and underestimate the English squad. If there’s any team in the world just waiting to bloom and live up to their potential, England is it, and if things click, they could easily defy the odds and win the World Cup once again.

A quick look at the results of the 10 international matches England has played this year reveals plenty. With 6 victories, 2 draws, and 2 defeats, England can play great football and with a victory over Germany and a loss to the Netherlands in among the mix, anything can happen on any day where England is concerned.

With several capable strikers including Jamie Vardy, Wayne Rooney, and Daniel Sturridge, an England goal in any match is likely. With 14 goals scored in 10 matches, this is a pretty safe bet.

Will the England squad come good this year and reach its full potential or will it be another disappointing year? We’ll see. An England long shot bet is always worth considering even if it’s unlikely, and at 20/1 odds, may just return a handsome profit.



Portugal are always a competitive team on the international football stage and are the current champions of Europe after vanquishing France in a tough won final in July.

This proves that on a good day Portugal are capable of beating one of the top teams in the word, but it’s not all they can boast. Having scored 26 goals in 13 games in 2016 alone, Portugal’s goal scoring resume this year includes a 7-0 slaughter of Estonia, a 3-3 draw against Hungary and a 5-0 destruction of Gibraltar.

To the savvy punter, this spells opportunity. While Portugal are nowhere near favourites to actually win the World Cup itself, with 25/1 odds at the bookmakers, it’s highly likely that they will score more than once in any matches against teams with vulnerabilities in their defence.

Don’t count on the same against Germany, Brazil or France, but keep your eyes on both Nani and Ronaldo in any match as both are dangerous against even the best defenders.

Portugal winning the world cup is a long shot – but then again, so was Portugal winning the Euros and they did that. Could this be the long shot bet that pays?

That does it for our analysis of the main contenders in the 2018 World Cup. Keep in mind that this is football and absolutely anything could happen. If you disagree with anything we say, that’s because that’s the very nature of football!

Russia 2018 World Cup Favorites List – Summary

In this guide we have listed our Russia 2018 World Cup favorites. However, we have unexpectedly noticed, as 2018 World Cup is happening that some of all time favourites are not in their best form. We’ll keep monitoring them and hopefully they’ll do a better job in the next World Cup.