World Cup Betting Tips

In this article, we hope to provide you with the best Russia World Cup betting tips 2018 so that you can learn how to bet like a pro and make this process even more entertaining!

There are many different football betting strategies which can be used to win consistent, small amounts of money, and less consistent, bigger wins. There are also many different types of bet which can be made both for a competition as a whole and on individual games. But what are the best betting tips on World Cup?
In the end, there’s always an element of chance in any and every betting strategy. There’s no such thing as a sure thing or the bookmaker wouldn’t be in business. However, we’ll give you some Russia World Cup betting tips 2018 to enhance your betting experience and hopefully gain success!

World Cup Betting Tips

The Long Shot Bet

The long shot is as the name suggests – a bet on a team which is highly unlikely to win but which your gut instinct tells you might just do it on sheer will, luck and form alone.
In this World Cup, a good long shot bet would be England or Portugal. Both have odds above the 20/1 mark meaning nobody really believes they will win, but both teams have enough star players, sheer talent and the potential to give it a good go if things come together for them.
The long shot bet is always an unlikely one. That’s the whole point of it. It’s a bet on a hope rather than a likelihood, and with odds offering handsome returns, the long shot which comes well can be a very profitable one. The long shot bet might be a part of useful betting tips on World Cup, since you’ll never know who might be the winner.
If Leicester City can win the Premier League, anything can happen. Look at teams with odds greater than 20/1 and place your long shot bet.
You just never know!

The Likely Victor(s) Bet

The likely victor is the safe bet. You’ll be betting on Germany, Brazil or Argentina as things currently stand, and you’ll have a very decent chance of winning.
At 11/2 for Germany, a £20 bet would return a nice £110 plus the principal. At 9/1 for both Argentina and Brazil, a handsome £180 could be made from the same £20 bet on either.
The clever punter will have recognized something right away here – a £20 bet on all 3 teams will still turn a profit no matter which one wins.
For example, betting on all 3, equaling a £60 total stake, in the event, Germany is victorious you will return £110 profit. Minus your £40 loss on the other 2 bets, you’re up £70.
A £20 bet on Brazil, returning £180 in the case of their victory, would still leave you up £140 after discounting the £40 you lost on the other 2 bets.
Likewise, a bet covering all 3 ending in an Argentina win would mean a £140 gain after discounting a £40 loss.
Since this bet covers the 3 current favourites, 1 of whom is highly likely to emerge champions, this strategy has a very good chance of returning a profit.
These odds may not remain the same for long, so be sure to snap this opportunity up while it’s going. If the odds change, the math changes and this may no longer be a viable bet.

The Contender(s) Bet

A bet on a contender is a bet on a team with fair odds, who have a decent chance of winning, but who aren’t favourites.
An example would be a bet on Spain. Everybody who watches international football knows that Spain has before and could again win the World Cup. They’re among the top teams in the world with some incredible players and will give whoever they’re up against a tough time.
At 10/1 odds – Spain represents an opportunity. They may not be likely to win in the bookmaker’s eyes, but that doesn’t mean they’re unlikely to win either. There’s a gray area between those two, and Spain is it.
A £20 bet on contenders like Spain with favourable 10/1 odds could be a very smart bet netting £200 if they play at their best and do what everyone knows they are capable of.
The contender bet always stands a good chance of winning. Could this be the year for either Spain or France, both of whom are strong contenders with 10/1 odds?

Group Winner Bets

There’s always a favourite in every group, and they usually go through. It’s a rare event when the bookmaker’s favourite gets put out early, and the odds will reflect this.
For example, by current market prices, France are 8/15 to win Group A. Other teams include Sweden (10/1), Belarus (100/1), Holland (9/5), Bulgaria (50/1) and Luxembourg (500/1).
The odds are clearly in France’s favour, and for good reason. It’s a reasonably safe bet that they’ll win their group. The only real contenders are Holland and based on current form it’s unlikely they’ll win.
Betting on the favourite always entails risking more than you stand to gain, but most of the time you will gain. The bookies rarely get it wrong, and some sports bettors choose to bet on the favourite of every group, reasoning that most of them will win and the profits will end up outweighing the losses on the few that don’t.
You don’t have to stick with the favourites, though. Longshot bets could apply at the group stages too.
For example, using the number above, you could bet £15 on France and afford to bet £1 on Bulgaria, £1 on Belarus and £1 on Luxembourg. Even if all 3 long shot bets lose and France go through as expected, you’ll still come out £5 better off and have had a little fun along the way. If the unthinkable happens, as it often does in football, you could be a lot better off!
Of course, Holland or Sweden could always upset the apple cart and ruin the party. There’s always an element of risk and if you can’t afford to lose, don’t bet in the first place. Experienced punters know that a football bet should always be about fun and thrills first and as a money making method second.

Proposition Bets

Proposition bets come in many different varieties, but they are defined by having a time limit on them and being decided by a specific outcome.
You can proposition bet on just about anything within a game from who will score next to the number of yellow cards that will be given out to who the next corner will go to.
Take for example betting on the number of yellow card in a given match.
It’s no secret that certain players, and certain teams, have bitter rivalries and scores to settle. As tensions flare on the pitch, particularly in high stakes matches, the likelihood of yellow and red cards being dealt by the referee increases.
It’s possible to make bets on the number of reds and yellows in a given game, and also on the players who will receive them. These bets will have to wait until closer to the time, but as they are considered proposition bets they can also be made within any given game. Therefore, if you notice frayed nerves and volatile exchanges, it can be a good time to place such a bet.

The key here is to go back through the data and see which players have a history of being awarded yellow and red cards. If you can combine this with a ‘rivalry’ in the same match, the chances increase that your bet will come good.
Bookies know this, of course, and so the odds won’t be huge. This is always a high risk, low return bet, but it’s a popular one and many punters argue individual player behaviour is easier to predict than overall scores and outcomes.
If you see a ‘dirty’ player on the field, this could be a great bet to make. If you can find such a player on the field during an especially intense match or when up against a team they have a score to settle against, it could be a great one!

Of course, other proposition bets include corners awarded, shots on target and all manner of things that could occur within a match. If you think you can call an outcome like this and have good reason to do so, these bets can increase the excitement within a game.

Pro Tip: The human subconscious is like a supercomputer. It stores vast amounts of data and is responsible for what we call ‘gut feelings’ or strong impulses which don’t necessarily have logical justifications. Many of the best bets in history have been made on a strong gut feeling. Learn to trust this feeling, particularly as you make proposition bets. It could be that your subconscious mind has noticed a pattern and is urging you to act on it.

Utilizing Free Bets Promotions

You can try on your own betting tips on World Cup in one of many available online bookmakers. Free bets are a great marketing tool for the bookmaker – they let you try their platform and website risk-free, giving you a taste of what really betting through their site would be like, and if you like it, you stick around and bet some more.
Free bets can also be used to your advantage. You can use them to hedge your bets, where you bet on the likely group winner, for example, but use the free bet to bet on the second most likely team to win just in case. You can also use them in individual matches, essentially betting both ways and ensuring that whatever happens, you’ll come out with something.
Free bets are usually awarded to new players, but at certain times, in and around big sporting events like the World Cup 2018, bookies may reward their loyal punters with a free bet or do so in an effort to drum up interest from bettors whose accounts have been inactive for a while.
Whatever their reasons, using free bets to your advantage is a very smart move.
Enhanced World Cup odds are also available at some bookmakers.

Betting Exchanges – The New Kid on the Block

Over the past decade or so, a new form of betting has risen from the digital age in the form of sports betting exchanges. Unlike the traditional bookmaker, a betting exchange offers people the chance to wear the bookmaker’s hat.
With an old-school bookie, a punter only had the option of backing a team to win or betting on the draw in a football match. By using an exchange, the same punter could now ‘lay’ a team which means they are acting as the bookie and basically betting that that chosen team will not win.
Of course, this comes at a price. By playing the role of bookmaker you must also pay the odds if the team your lay bet was on does actually win!

In-play trading is probably the heart and soul of a good exchange. Prices are constantly changing and the markets become quite jumpy when a goal is scored. This is where the good traders – those who have studied the markets for a few years – make a killing.

It is also worth mentioning market liquidity. This can be a problem on exchanges for high rollers. As Jack is betting against Peter, Jack can only bet as much as Peter is willing to. Imagine if you laid out £100 on a bet and saw the price drift out and thought, right I’m gonna cash in now and there is no money in the market to match your bet – yes – it’s slightly annoying, to say the least.

In summary, there are pros and cons to both the traditional bookmaker and the new kid on the block – the betting exchange.
They are certainly worth exploring if you are interested in the trading side of betting and it does add a nice twist to matters.
If you are simply a straight shooter who likes to stick with a solid 2-1 home win, then maybe the traditional bookie is still your best friend but it is still worth a look just to see where the best prices are being offered. This is the beauty of the internet – a few mouse clicks and we can find out where the best prices are and grab them.
This is a relatively new way to play World Cup odds in your favour. Make sure you understand it inside out before getting involved.

Did you know: Uruguayan defender Jose Batista holds the World Cup record for the fastest red card ever received. He was sent off in the first minute of a match against Scotland.

Russia World cup betting tips 2018 – General & Specific

world cup betting tips

Here are some great World Cup betting tips. Follow this advice and you’ll stand a much greater chance of winning and walking away in the money.

General Betting Tips

  1. Pay Attention to Form – Form can decide tournaments more than any other factor. One team on a streak or one player who’s having a great run can totally defy the odds and turn things upside down. Form is the sports fan’s version of ‘trends’ and when they make an appearance they’re not to be ignored.
    Betting on a player who’s on form to score or a team which is on form to win is always a smart bet.
  2. Hedge Your Bets Where Possible – It’s possible if you search long enough to find odds that allow you to cover your bets. While football always has three outcomes being win, lose and draw, World Cup matches are different because when they enter the knockout stages they must be decided on the night. Look for odds that allow you to place a bet one way for a gain and a bet the other way to at least cover some of your losses should you be wrong, if not all of them.

Now that we’ve covered the general principles of smart betting, let’s look at some specific World Cup betting tips 2018.

Specific Russia World Cup Betting Tips

What happens in 2018 will depend on a number of factors it is next to impossible to predict this far in advance. Player form, which teams go through, the coaches at the time, the style of football they play, and of course luck on the day all play a factor. Nonetheless, based on the data we have at this current time, these are some great bets you can make on the World Cup with our World Cup betting tips.

    1. Champions – A bet on Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Spain or France could come good and all have great odds at this point. As the betting heats up closer to the time the prices will change, so it’s advisable to get in and place your bets as soon as possible. If we had to pick one team out of the lot we’d be betting on Argentina at this point. At 9/1 it’s too good to pass up!
    2. Group Winners – When it comes to the group outright winners it’s always good to stick your cash on the favourite and put a little hedge bet on the second or third favourite just to cover yourself if the odds are enticing enough.

Did you know: The first world cup goal scored was slipped into the back of the net by Frenchman Lucien Laurent in 1930.

Betting tips – Summary

In this article, we tried to give you some useful World Cup betting tips 2018. Check out World Cup 2018 for more specific information about World Cup 2018.